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At Altitude Sports Marketing, we love sports. More than that, though, we love helping college athletic departments and professional sports franchises succeed. We do so by creating true partnerships with our clients. We work with you to identify both the strengths and the challenges of your brand, and then to create multiple channels and revenue streams to help you maximize both your positive exposure and your marketing income potential.

Sports marketing is different from what other types of entities need to deliver. You simultaneously work in a local market and maintain national and international reputations. Your brand both depends on your athletes and coaches, and functions beyond any individual player or coach. Your image plays out in your local community,your state, and fans scattered throughout the world. And social media and the Internet create stories and information that affects that image every day.


The means and methods of communication available today create both opportunities and pitfalls beyond what we have ever seen before. Most franchises and athletic departments today have begun to leverage the platforms available, but have only scratched the surface of the potential. Communication strategies, much like the talented but raw quarterback coming to a team, need to be cultivated, developed, and directed through carefully planned strategies designed to pull maximum impact from every tool,available, while at the same time you take care to protect yourself from the negative effects of poor decision-making.Altitude Sports Marketing is your partner and ally in this mission. We will help you build on the strengths of your brand across platforms and media markets. We will work with you to identify any marketing weaknesses, and then help you turn those into new areas of strength. And we will do it all from the perspective of helping you rise to new heights not only in the moment, but over time. Your brand image precedes you in everything you do. We make it our mission to deliver the right message, to the right people, every time.

Our mission

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ASM partners with collegiate and professional sports properties to deliver outstanding sales results at levels beyond what most companies are capable of delivering. Your revenues and brand recognition define our success and yours. Every step of the way,we are in this to win together.

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ASM markets and sells our clients’ sports programs to our corporate partners in ways that create distinctive, valuable revenue generating opportunities. We combine tried and true strategies with innovative opportunities to solidify your core marketing and reach out through new channels to build your strengths out over a diverse media spectrum.

Corporate sponsorships

We recognize and capitalize on the unique cultures in which our partners reside. We work with your image, reputation, and fan bases to present a unique grassroots, community-based approach that engages all varieties of sponsors locally, regionally and nationally.