About Us

At Altitude Sports Marketing, we strive every day to help our clients reach greater exposure and revenue than they had the day before. We celebrate our achievements and those of our clients, but we continue to push so we can reach greater heights. This approach helps us find new revenue streams and innovative media solutions for each of our clients. When you work with us, you know you are getting powerful effort from a successful sports marketing team. We partner with you to help you develop a smart, robust, effective plan for your college athletic department or professional sports franchise. And we keep working hard for you, because hard work is in our DNA.

Joseph Mullings, Founder

Joseph Mullings is a founder of Altitude Sports Marketing, and has over twenty years of experience in sales and upper-level management. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served his country for eight years, including at Desert Storm. Since then, Joseph has built a career on the drive and leadership skills his service instilled in him. He spent thirteen years at Pitney Bowes, including three years as the Director of Sales. He worked as the General Sales Manager for Cumulus Media, driving sales efforts for one of the strongest AM radio stations in the country. And Joseph honed his sports marketing efforts during his eight years at KP Sports as the Vice President of Business Development.

Joseph creates opportunities both in and outside of the workplace to inspire others to reach their full potential. This passion pushes him to excel and improve every day, whether for himself, his clients, or his family. Outside of Altitude Sports, he pursues several different sports and enjoys life as an avid outdoorsman. He draws inspiration from his family: his wife and their five-year- old son Uriah.

Joseph Mullings


Ric Romero

Ric Romero, Co-Founder

Ric Romero is the co-founder of Altitude Sports Marketing. He is an exceptional mentor and coach who has developed a proven track record of sales success. Ric has led multi-million dollar sales growth for his companies by providing award-winning sales leadership in highly competitive markets. His style is tenacious; he works consistently to build new businesses, secure customer loyalty, and forge new relationships with clients and partners alike. He drives revenue growth and improves sales team performance. His leadership and relentless effort for twenty-five years in sales have earned trust and spurred his teams to consistently high achievement.

Before he began his career, Ric was an All-American track athlete who served as team captain at the University of New Mexico. He continues to serve today as a high school track and field coach. Whatever the field, Ric’s passion for coaching and teaching serves him and those around him well. His greatest passion is leading others to discover their highest potential, from his family to his clients and sales teams. Away from work, Ric is dedicated to his wife, their three children, and their three grandchildren, each of whom inspires and helps drive him every day.