Marketing and strategies

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Altitude Sports Marketing is founded on the principle of partnerships. We do more than push for marketing success; we create partnerships with our clients that matter. We help you define and pursue your goals by creating highly creative, energetic, and successful teams of proven sales professionals. And we do this because it works. We achieve results for our clients far superior to other sports marketing agencies.

Many other agencies require you to relinquish media rights, replace employees, or let go of existing sponsors. We do not do any of this. Rather, we seek first to understand you: who you are, what the culture is where you reside, and how you want to present yourself to the world.Instead of another loud, pushy agency, we act as a true extension of your athletic department or sports franchise. We work not just for you, but with you to market and sell sponsorship opportunities on the local, regional, and national levels. We apply both our passion for sports and our extensive professional sales and marketing experience to not only maximize the impact of what you are already doing, but to create new benefits your program—far greater benefits than anyone else can provide for you.

Our Sales Process

We love sports. Our passion for what you do drives us every day. This, along with our extensive professional sales and marketing experience, separates us from our pack, and helps us separate you from yours.

We approach sales and marketing with discipline and passion. We use specific techniques and processes to systematically target the right potential corporate partners. We then prospect, present, close, and follow up with those partners to create and nurture unique, compelling opportunities. We leverage your culture and your brand identity to demonstrate value for your sponsors in furthering their own marketing and messaging objectives. This creates mutual benefits that enable both you and your sponsors to reach your goals.

Our Core Principles

We separate ourselves from the industry through our five Core Principles. While many of our competitors follow a traditional multi-media rights holder model, we believe we can serve you better by acting as a true partner. This allows us to better align our interests with yours; we believe that we should be working toward the same definitions of success as the athletic department or professional franchise with which we are working. Our principles echo that aspiration:

  • Extension Access: Altitude Sports Marketing acts as an extension of your athletic program ,rather than as a separate entity that tries to push its own goals ahead of yours.
  • Access: We create access for you to everything we do, and to greater revenue opportunities through focused sponsorship development efforts.
  • Transparency: We never hide the ball. You will know at all times what efforts we are making on your behalf, and why.
  • Executes: We deliver great results. Altitude Sports Marketing drives hard every day to
    create exciting new opportunities for you to share and generate revenues through your brand.
  • Revenue Share: Altitude Sports Marketing is your partner in your branding efforts. We
    do not own the media rights we generate for you, but rather share in your successes.

We believe in the power of what we do for our clients, and in the power of how we do it. We put our passion and our expertise into driving your marketing to the next level. And through our revenue sharing model, we put our money where our mouth is. Our success and your success are one and the same; we push every day to be better, because that is how we can continue to make you better.