Our Services

At Altitude Sports Marketing, we pride ourselves on generating new opportunities for your sports franchise or university athletic department. We do so by identifying, understanding, and building on who you are and what culture surrounds you. Once we have done so, we can help
you maximize your local market and expand your reach both there and beyond. And we do it all through a partnership model under which we achieve our success by helping you achieve yours.

ASM Sponsorship Sales

Altitude Sports Marketing applies a disciplined sales approach to drive sponsorship sales. We incorporate packaging that creates additional value for your sponsors and supplies powerful incentives for them to work with you. We also offer flexibility to add to or customize the packaging when appropriate. In doing so, we work carefully with all sides to ensure the approach dilutes neither your equity nor your sponsors’ value. Our approach focuses on the partnership you achieve with sponsors so you can achieve greater revenue through their opportunity and resulting loyalty.

ASM Ticket Sales

Altitude Sports Marketing does not start from scratch. Your community already knows who you are, and you have a loyal following. Rather than try to reinvent you, our ticket solutions philosophy focuses on the community at large and how we can enhance those current relationships. We maintain and implement a structured, disciplined sales process to prospectand to find new opportunities for you to bring more of the community to you:

  • Season tickets
  • Group Plans
  • Family Plans

We build on your following and expand your reach to enhance your ticket revenues and your community’s involvement in your success.

ASM Sponsorship Sales/Marketing Consulting

Altitude Sports Marketing provides consulting services to help you enhance or build a successful marketing program. Our leadership team is uniquely equipped to help your marketing team grow into a more successful unit. We accomplish this through several consulting services:

  • We help you develop a strategic marketing plan focused on maximizing the brand recognition you already enjoy. You will build from your starting point to increase revenues through corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, event management, naming rights, and new marketing channels.
  • We provide marketing and sales plans that bolster your return on sponsorship investment. With our help, you will develop more effective packaging and explore both traditional and non-traditional types of opportunities to generate greater activation and engagement.
  • We create plans for recruiting, hiring, staffing, and training that focus on finding the right people for your program. You will attract and mold the best and brightest athletics, sports, and entertainment sales professionals for you: people with the right skills,demeanor, personality, and overall fit for your organization and department.
  • We provide sales support for you by marketing and selling to regional and national accounts. We also provide sales call assistance to targeted accounts and clients. All of this works to help you achieve greater revenue, not only from your current clients and sponsors, but from the broader potential market available to you.