Social Media and Sports Marketing: Here’s how to stay on the top of that curve

Fresh content. Stop and think about how many times you see those two words put together. Whether it’s an article you are reading about the latest online marketing techniques or discussing the best methods of Albuquerque sports marketing at a backyard barbecue, having a never ending stream of new things to say about what you’re selling is one of the biggest challenges today.

Wondering about where all this fresh content is going to come from? There is really no need to start sweating and hiring a team of Madison Avenue PR professionals when at least part of the whole never ending fresh content dilemma can be solved through social media.

Here at Altitude Sports Marketing we are always on top of the curve by creating multiple channels, revenue streams and true partnerships with our clients. We know it’s important to maintain a local and national market simultaneously and we will implement any and all of the techniques that will help you to accomplish that goal. Of course that includes leveraging those devices your target market hold in their hands and sit in front of at their desks.

Not really sold on social media and sports marketing? Consider these statistics.

  • The 18 to 35-year-old demographic is one of everyone’s target markets whether the team they are trying to promote throws a ball or kicks it between the uprights. The numbers tell us that 35% of this group uses social media to have their say and comment on games in progress.
  • A full 45% of this same group follows their team on social media.

Research has even shown that fans use tablets while they are watching TV and even Tweet and share links to online content while they are at the game. This generation of multitaskers can’t be ignored.

Leverage is everything—both on and off the field

With the fresh content problem solved, the question becomes how to manage the fire hose that is this never ending stream of thoughts, ideas and opinions from the very people you need to reach. The answer lies in the fact that lots of businesses know how to leverage opportunity and our sports marketing Albuquerque team is no different.

Getting all this fan generated content to work for your branding efforts is one sure-fire way to stay on top of the social media curve. Rounding everything up and corralling it into a social media dashboard is one proven method to leverage all this content. Great examples are everywhere and not just confined to one type of sport.

Sports Marketing Crossroads

socialmediacommunicationvector_fkilmjsd_lSocial media sports marketing is the crossroads where cost efficiency meets engagement. When the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League decided to plug  their user generated social media content from fans to good advantage, they actually selected some of their more enthusiastic participants to steer the boat.

Since they launched their Mission Control center in 2011, this template has become the model for several other sports teams and the hockey club has even won an award for the most digitally/socially engaged brand of the year. The efforts didn’t just make them popular with that broad swath of potential buyers called Millennials either, the campaign was a big success for other reasons including:

  • The team caught a cresting social media wave that included adding to their Facebook fans by 70,000 new followers and multiplying their Twitter accounts by 25,000.
  • The bottom line is always the bottom line and the team managed to amass another $17,000 in revenue because of their social media marketing hard work.

Social media success walks hand-in-hand with engagement and we follow through on that swing here at Altitude Sports Marketing with our extension access philosophy. We like to think of ourselves as part of your team and not a separate entity. That way your goals are our goals and we’re all pushing in the same direction.

Putting together an effective Albuquerque sports marketing plan using social media means having a strategy. A series of random posts splashed willy-nilly into cyberspace won’t get you the results you need. Any good marketing plan will have a strategy for dealing with real-time events. Getting the right tools and staying on top of the curve is about being   able to engage instantly because sports is really all about being right in the moment.

Ball Gets Rolling

Once the social media ball gets rolling, it grows by itself but momentum to start everything off is the domain of the sports marketer. Having in venue strategies is an important part and a good ingredient, but when you’re dealing with social media tools like Twitter it’s also possible to consider live updates on important plays that make things more exciting for subscribers.

Each medium has its place and you can use ones like Instagram to share intimate pictures of the players before and after the game as well as the routines they go through on game day. It’s all part of putting together a real-time content strategy that draws followers in.

Long story short is, our sports marketing in Albuquerque techniques use some marketing tools that blend in well with social media and others that need a little tweaking. It used to be that marketing efforts were only about creating interest and now the ones we use with social media are about getting people engaged too. By the time people get to where we want them to be, they know the product well and it’s our job to show them a different way to interact. Remember here at Altitude Sports Marketing we are the consultants that are here to help you put together or build on a marketing program that will work for you.

Taking advantage of everything innovation has to offer is our number one goal. Remember, we focus on the relationship that you have with sponsors going forward so you can achieve more success and further your goals.

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